Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Who Invented Zero? - The Truth About Outsourcing Accounts

Considering the global revolution we are in, it is not surprising that outsourcing has become such a part and parcel of our lives. One factor that has led to a boost in outsourcing activity is the fact that there are a limited amount of peaches an individual can juggle. Thus, it has become a trend for business professionals to shift the burden of juggling the accounts from their shoulders onto the accountant’s. Therefore, outsourcing accounts is no longer an eye-raising concept.

It is a generally accepted truth regarding outsourcing accounts that only a UK firm should be trusted. This is a misnomer for using India to outsource bookkeeping does not necessarily mean that due to the country’s remoteness from the UK, accountancy services offered there from the outsourcing viewpoint are defunct. When it comes to outsourcing what is crucial is the quality of services that the service provider is providing.

The other day I had a talk with a fellow accountant on whether he would think it feasible and a good practice for a business to outsource its work, let’s say to India. My friend replied without any hesitation that he saw no problem in using India to outsource accounts, as wasn’t India where the genesis of zero and the decimal point began?

Besides, when it comes to thinking of outsourcing what matters is that you get the best of the deal while the burden is eased off your shoulders. No one would want to be using India to outsource bookkeeping if it was going to cost an arm and leg. Then hitting a local provider would have made better sense. Therefore, when thinking of outsourcing keep the see in mind:

  • The firm should be able to provide you easily digestible information on accountancy
  • Their accountant should be in a position to solve your queries and also review the necessary documents in time
  • They don’t dawdle over the work, as many firms promise to get your accounts ready within a month

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